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Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV

Apple Arcade games launched with more than 100 games and has added new games daily, with more than 200 available games. Check out our tutorial on Apple Arcade games.

You can find out more information about and download all the latest games by clicking the Arcade tab of the App Store. The most recent games are listed at the top. Scroll down until the bottom, and click “See All Games.”

If you still need to sign up, Apple Arcade is free for the first month, and then you pay $5 per month for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV (included in Apple One bundles). PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox’s wireless controllers, are also compatible with Apple devices as well as select games.

“SpongeBob is a solitaire player, and He is excited to show it to you and all the citizens of Bikini Bottom! SolitairePants is played over the play area in a square. It is simple to master, but you’ll need to be able to think strategically to clear each card.”

The game features Quest, Multiplayer, and Classic modes that allow players to gather various decks and participate in daily contests.

“Welcome to the streets of Venice beach! Relax in the sun as you glide across the shores of this famous beach. You can visit world-renowned skate parks, blast down hills in the suburbs, or stretch your way through the muscle beaches.

Venice offers over 21 new challenges to be completed, and we’ve added a smooth new instructional at Skate Academy, a place for Newcomers. Go to the free Skate to enjoy the unlimited session and to complete all 30 goals for greater Skate Cred!”

“A heart-wrenching adventure about the most precious moments in life, broken dreams, broken dreams, and rearranged plans.

Sunkissed in a beautiful and hand-crafted world, go on a romantic journey interspersed with fun and simple problem-solving.”

We’re bringing the 3D Match Engine to iPhone for the first time. Football Manager 2023 Touch offers the most authentic football experience on handheld gaming.

It’s time to join the elite of management. More than 120 clubs represent the world’s most renowned footballing nations. What are you waiting for? Where can you find the perfect club?”

“Gris is a hopeful young girl who is lost in her own life, experiencing a challenging event that has impacted her entire life. The pain she endures is reflected in her attire, giving her new powers to navigate her altered reality. As the story progresses, Gris will develop emotionally and perceive her surroundings differently and discover new avenues to explore through her unique talents.

GRIS+ offers a tranquil and immersive experience free of fear, frustration, or death. Players will discover a meticulously constructed world brought to life through delicate art, precise animation, and an elegant original score. Through the game, puzzles of light platforms, puzzles, and even challenges that require skill become apparent as the world of Gris becomes easily accessible.”

“When Drill Knight and his reckless digging crew slash through Shovel Knight’s tranquil camp and steal his loot, Shovel Knight grabs his trusted Shovel Blade and begins tunneling to catch the culprits! Find new enemies and friends travel to strange places, and get yourself a new outfit with the best gear to prevent the entire world from collapsing beneath your feet! Slash, jump, and dig through an ever-changing, enigmatic chasm with Shovel Knight Dig, a brand-new Shovel Knight adventure!” “FEEL the ARCADE RACING PASSION Horizon Chase 2 is the sequel to the racing franchise that has won awards. It was born under the arcade sign. The game will enthrall your senses by providing immersive and fast-paced gameplay. It’s the golden age of arcade racing, brought back with a modern and advanced experience.

Apple Arcade games
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Truly CLASSIC GAMEPLAY The 90’s classic gameplay is distinctive and helps keep your hands in the tight grip of your cars. Don’t worry about complicated setups. You only have a few steps away from overtakes, forks, and Nitrous. You can outrun your competitors without blinking. It is easy to learn and play; however challenging to learn, the game requires speedy and precise reaction time to defeat your adversaries and reach the finishing line.

ALL-IN-MULTIPLAYER Invite your friends for a race! You can participate in every mode of online chase with your fellow players. Form a team with other players to improve your game or play head-to-head competition with other players from around the globe. No matter where you are, there’s never too late to enjoy endless fun in a brand-new arcade racing style.

The art of TOURING Explores an entirely 3D world, exploring with a distinct style of art. From the vivid shades of each scene to the graphic environments of various weather conditions and the thrilling music of Barry Leitch, this game elevates the arcade experience to an art form. New perspectives will lead you toward the splendor of breathtaking and exciting visual experiences that will leave you wanting to return.

PLAY THE GARAGE GAME: Red or blue? Flames or stars? If you visit the Garage Shop, you can customize your vehicle to be as personal as you like. Find new items for your cosmetics, and boost your stats during this World Tour. Race through various Game Modes and continue the winning streak by gaining more and more visual rewards. The reward for winning was never worth it.

Horizon Chase 2 was born to live. PLAY it. Replay it. These evergreen, dynamic events will allow you to improve your skills while showing off your skills. Significant updates will offer new rewards. New Game modes will help you get into the higher levels of competition. Every day is a great incentive to continue to take on the race.”

“Become a master of trivia by playing Hanx101 Trivia! Examine your knowledge in various areas from history to math, food, geography to history. The questions will keep coming! Beat your record or compete against others in head-to-head stand-offs on trivia or team games. Only available via Apple Arcade.

  • Explore the Hanx101 mode and answer 101 trivia questions to show that you’re a master of trivia. Correct answers in a row will increase your score!
  • Take on head-to-head competition, or form a team for competitive trivia contests.
  • Earn wildcards to boost trivia fun and beat your competitors while you battle through thousands of trivia questions.
  • Discover fun knowledge each time you play

Tom Hanks is challenging you to join Hanx101 Trivia! Learn, play, take on the challenge, and eventually become a trivia expert!”

“Love You to Bits+ is a sweetly adorable pure visual and puzzle-filled point-and-click sci-fi adventure that spans the world. Players follow the story of Kosmo, a clumsy novice space explorer in search of Nova, their robot companion of his. Following a tragic accident, her pieces have been scattered across space. It’s their responsibility of Kosmo to find the entire Nova’s pieces to rebuild her and then put her back to normal. Explore the most bizarre worlds and planets full of incredible aliens, space-time puzzles, and hidden objects to find. When they finish the challenges, gamers will discover Kosmo and Nova’s tragic love story.”

8/19/22 Popular infinite side scroller Jetpack Joyride is back with an entirely new “frantic adventure.” Jetpack Joyride 2 is available right now at Apple Arcade!

“Barry is back on a wild adventure!

In this scenario, he’ll have new weapons and equipment to take on new foes and move through the laboratory to stop researchers’ experiments before it’s too far.

The evolving adventure is Jetpack Joyride with new HD graphics, new animations, new mechanics, and an entirely new approach to playing.”

8/5/22 Incredible Bomberman is an all-new game within the popular action series. The latest Apple Arcade release features 1-4 multiplayer games featuring “excellent music and visual effects.”

“‘Bomberman, the iconic game of action games with competitive gameplay, can be downloaded now on Apple Arcade! Amazing Bomberman is a new Bomberman game that features excellent graphics and music. You can enjoy thrilling battles in arenas that shift according to the beat of your music.”

  • It’s easy to play and participate in online battles anytime, anytime, or wherever!
  • Mixing with Bomberman and music! Explore the stages which change in tune with the music.
  • Many music tracks have been created specifically to be performed by Amazing Bomberman!!
  • Practice mode for the solo player.
  • Engaging battles between your friends playing “FRIEND BATTLE” mode!
  • Take part in competitions and gather items to customize