Hogwarts Legacy Review: A Faithful Recreation of the Wizarding World

Hogwarts Legacy is a 2023 action role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games under its Portkey Games label. The game, part of the Wizarding World franchise, takes place in the late 1800s, a century prior to the events chronicled in the Harry Potter novels.

Hogwarts Legacy has been met with generally positive reviews, with critics praising its open-world environment, combat system, and attention to detail. However, some critics have criticized the game’s technical issues and repetitive side quests.

Pros of Hogwarts Legacy

  • Open-world environment: The open-world environment of Hogwarts Legacy is vast and detailed, offering players a lot to explore. From the bustling halls of Hogwarts to the Forbidden Forest, there is something for everyone to discover.
  • Combat system: The combat system in Hogwarts Legacy is challenging and satisfying. Players can use a variety of spells and weapons to battle enemies, and the combat is fluid and responsive.
  • Magic spells: The magic spells in Hogwarts Legacy are fun to use and offer a lot of variety. Players can cast spells to attack enemies, defend themselves, or solve puzzles.
  • Character customization: The character customization in Hogwarts Legacy is extensive. Players can choose their character’s appearance, gender, and house, as well as their skills and abilities.
  • Story: The story in Hogwarts Legacy is engaging and well-written. Players will follow the journey of a student who is tasked with uncovering the secrets of Hogwarts and the wizarding world.
  • Side quests: The side quests in Hogwarts Legacy are varied and interesting. Players can help out their fellow students, explore the surrounding areas, or take on dangerous challenges.

Cons of Hogwarts Legacy

  • Technical issues: Hogwarts Legacy has some technical issues, such as framerate drops and occasional bugs. These issues can be frustrating, but they are not game-breaking.
  • Repetitive side quests: Some of the side quests in Hogwarts Legacy can be repetitive. However, there are also plenty of side quests that are unique and interesting.
  • Enemy variety: The enemy variety in Hogwarts Legacy is limited. Players will mostly be fighting the same types of enemies throughout the game.
  • Some mechanics are not fully explained: Some of the game’s mechanics, such as the skill tree, are not fully explained. This can make it difficult for players to understand how to progress in the game.

Overall, Hogwarts Legacy is a solid game that offers a lot of content for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. However, it is not without its flaws, and some players may find the technical issues and repetitive side quests to be too much of a hindrance.


If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then you will likely enjoy Hogwarts Legacy. The game offers a faithful recreation of the Wizarding World, and it is packed with content. However, if you are not a fan of the franchise, then you may find the game to be too repetitive or lacking in innovation.

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