Microsoft Admits That Its Games

Microsoft Admits That Its Games aren’t as good as Sony’s

Microsoft Admits That Its Games, Microsoft’s astronomically large offer to buy Activision Blizzard has resulted in a lengthy and painful negotiation. Without getting deep into all this, the gist is that Sony has been trying to block the deal from taking place, and the Xbox company is insisting on regulators letting the value go through. The latest set of declarations has been made public, and in Microsoft’s version, they claim that the first-party products of Sony are better than its own.

The company argues that Sony offers more exclusive games, therefore, doesn’t need games such as Call of Duty to make it. However, Microsoft’s announcement states that “many of Sony’s first-party titles are more polished” than its offerings. In other words, Microsoft has publicly acknowledged that its games aren’t as good as Sony’s.

The report also calls Sony “the most popular console manufacturer” and a “powerful game publisher” It is, presumably “, the equivalent of size Activision and more than twice the size of Microsoft’s publishing business for games”.

This is just one of the criticisms of Sony’s account of the whole dance (which also illuminates the inevitable PS6). Microsoft is trying to make clear that Sony is perfectly right even without Call of Duty, positioning itself as an underdog and making statements like the one above to ensure that this acquisition is shut down. It’s pretty exhausting all this.

What do you think about Microsoft’s statements regarding Sony or its original-party titles? Do you agree with Microsoft’s assertion that PlayStation games are superior? Let us know in the comments below.

UK Government Investigating Xbox’s Activision Buyouts Further

The British Competition and Markets Authority recently revealed that its investigation into the proposed acquisition by Microsoft of Call of Duty maker Activision would require more time for a “phase 2” study. The preliminary findings have raised doubts about how “Microsoft might use its power over popular games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft post-merger acquisition to harm competitors such as the upcoming and recent competitors in multi-game subscriptions as well as cloud-based gaming”.

Suppose the authorities’ concerns still need to be addressed. In that case, the power will move to the “phase second investigation”, which will “reach the right decision in the best interests of UK players and businesses”. The concerns are centred around how Microsoft may refuse accessibility to Activision games to current and emerging companies within the gaming industry or offer “access at a much lower cost”.

In the short term, the CMA thinks Sony will be the most affected by the purchase because they share much of its content and market. The CMA also points out that since Sony is a more significant part of the market in the UK than Microsoft Microsoft, the buyout could “significantly affect Sony’s revenue and the number of customers it has. The effect will be felt most strongly when the next generation of consoles when gamers are forced to make new choices regarding which console to purchase. It is believed that CMA thinks that the Merger will, in turn, substantially weaken Microsoft’s nearest competitor and hurt the overall gaming competition.”

Microsoft has posted a statement via its site that affirms its commitment to ensuring that future Call of Duty games are released on PlayStation platforms like they are launched elsewhere. “We’ve been told that this agreement could take franchises such as Call of Duty away from the areas where people are currently playing they currently play. We’ve previously stated we’re committed to making the same Call of Duty Call of Duty available on PlayStation on the same day the game sells in other regions.”

The company compares the acquisition to the previous acquisition of Minecraft maker Mojang. Mojang’s PlayStation games have been updated since the purchase, and even new games like Minecraft Dungeons have received PS4 versions. The upcoming strategy game Minecraft Legends is also available for PS5 and PS4.

In the declaration, Phil Spencer confirms Call of Duty, Diablo, and Overwatch are all coming into Game Pass as long as the $69 billion deal is completed. “We remain committed to working with regulators in a spirit of openness and transparency while they look into the acquisition. We appreciate and respect the tough questions to be asked.”

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Call of Duty and Activision Games Will Continue to Release for PlayStation Beyond Current Deals

God, it’s impossible to know the end of this, are we? In a blog, Microsoft has outlined its “Open Principles for App Stores”, and it’s…well, the post is boring, so we’ll go straight to the part about Sony and PlayStation.

Microsoft Admits That Its Games aren't as good as Sony's

It says: “First, some commentators have asked if we’ll keep making popular games such as Call of Duty from Activision Call of Duty available on rival platforms like Sony’s PlayStation. It is a major concern that Microsoft could make the title exclusive to its Xbox console, reducing chances available to Sony PlayStation users.” This has been the main topic since Microsoft announced plans to purchase Activision Blizzard for $68 billion.

The article continues: “To be clear, Microsoft will continue to create Call of Duty and other well-known Activision Blizzard games available on PlayStation until the end of any existing contract between them and Activision.” This isn’t anything new -It’s the same old story – Microsoft and Xbox have already stated that the games currently being developed for PlayStation platforms will not be removed from the forum.

What happens following that? Up to now, Microsoft has been pretty indifferent about this whole issue. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer expressed a ” desire” to incorporate PlayStation as the next step -however, who knows what the future will bring…

That brings us to this part of the blog: “We have committed to Sony that we will bring the [Activision Blizzard games] accessible to players on PlayStation beyond the current agreement and beyond to ensure that Sony players will continue to play the games that they love. […] The company believes this is the best thing in the business, gamers, and our business.”

That’s right, Microsoft claims to be determined to maintain the work of Activision Blizzard on PlayStation. It’s the most committed language we’ve heard of the technology giant thus this point; however, as we’ve said before, it’s hard to know that this position could be changed. We’ll have to watch and look to.

This is all we have to say. Microsoft has discussed this issue several times. However, as with all things, the proof will be at the end of the tunnel. Are you convinced that Activision Blizzard games will be on PlayStation for the rest of the time? Are you sceptical? Blah blah blah yourself in the comments section below.

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